Welding Rig



DOES NOT COME WITH A PICKUP. These fit the flatbed pickups.  You unbolt the 2 bolts on the cake box and this will bolt-on in the same 2 holes. Pickup sold separately.

It is equipped with a winch that locks and works. It has gin poles that fold out and back over the pickup cab.  It has a heat adjustment knob and 2 black hoses for the welding leads. It has a removable cooler. It has a green Oxygen bottle with a green hose. It has a black acetylene bottle with red hose and a torch end on the hoses. It has a removable orange water cooler.  It has a triangle type Montezuma toolbox that opens.  It bolts on the same 2 holes as the cake box on all the pickups since 2008.

Color of Welder


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